Cereal Box Fun

The best thing I can cook is cereal. It’s probably the only thing I can cook. I don’t know if people realize this but, I think cereal box covers are often overlooked. Yeah, they are not breakthrough designs but they have an iconic.

All these characters are recognizable and famous yet they don’t even have to twerk to be known for who they are.

Anyways, what better way to show and create new characters than creating a cereal box?!

Here’s the magic I used in Pixlr to make my cereal box (my dog happens to be the mascot).

Possible catchprase..."They'll make you go woof!"
Possible catchprase…”They’ll make you go woof!”

The cereal will hit grocery store shelves in Fall 2377.

How to do this:

What you’ll need- Photoshop, Pixlr, or GIMP.

*Note* I used Pixlr for all of this.

1.) What you are going to do, is when you have a new image in one of the editors, the size does not matter, BUT, since most cereal boxes have a larger lengths than widths you might want to stick with that sort of concept.

2.) Once you have the size you want, take the paint bucket tool (or the gradient tool) and fill in the background with the desired color or colors of your choosing.

3.) After the background has been established you want to add a new layer. Typically when it comes to all of these editing softwares- they have a tab to where you can add a new layer.

As in this example set by Pixlr.

4.) Add the number of layers you desire. With these new layers you are going to further add a picture in each layer that has to deal with the type of cereal cover theme you want to advertise.

5.) Then, once you set your decorations around the picture, go to the tool bar, and locate the text tool (this is usually a capital letter on the left side).

6.) You are going to clock anywhere in the location of your “cereal box” and type it in. Have fun with the size, type, and location of the font. Add a punchline if you want!

7.) Finally, you are going to upload a photo of your own created character/ mascot, your dog, or even yourself to the box.

Assignment worth total: 3 stars.


Now you can be a Professional DJ (Well kind of)

You can become a famous!

Not this DJ…
This one!

But in all seriousness, let me get down to the real business- Making Your Own song. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t have the pipes of an angel so I opted to go the instrumental route, which, believe me, works just as well.

The tool of my trade? Soundation, a website where you the user can make music for free!

1.) Choose the genre type you want to build your own personal anthem by. The choices are located on the right.

Click one of the options and various instrumental sounds are listed- such as a Clap or a “Beat Straight”

2.) Once you choose your tunes- I say pick about 2 (maybe 3). You are going to want to stagger the sounds.

Another note: To have a consistent beat (meaning it shouldn’t sound all over the place), try and pick the same BPM or tempo, I know for electronica it varies from either 90 BPM or 95 BPM.


3.) Keep staggering all your gathered sounds until you feel you have the right fit. This may take awhile. Now, on the line above there’s this ruler looking thing- that is the time for how long you want your song to go for. There is a scroll bar at the bottom if you want your song to go longer.

The time bar.
The time bar. Sorry, it’s a bit small!

4.) On the left, the crucial thing with this is the toggle bar. This is where you can drag it to either make a certain beat more prevalent in the song or make it softer.



5.) After playing it back a few times, go to the “File” tab and Save it, then upload load it to Soundcloud or any other place!

*Note*- The setback to all of this is, Saving it, you have to join as a member but it’s free.



So I did the assignment- Opening Credits Redux (Worth 4 stars). At first, I had no clue or direction of what opening credits I wanted to redo, then I had an epiphany- let me remake the credits to an iconic TV Show- Friends. I will admit it is not at all as good as the originally season openers used but it did give me an introduction on how to use the basic tools in my Windows movie maker (and it gave me a good excuse to sing “I’ll be There for you” on repeat).

let the fun begin
let the fun begin.

How did I put together this opening video? One word. Two Syllables and a program almost everyone has used once in their life- Powerpoint.

Yes, I am a plain Jane and used Powerpoint, but it proved useful in developing my video.

Now with this I used the “Insert tab” to fill in the background to a more appealing color. Then, I typed into the middle of the title slide the title of the show. I then went to the insert tab again and proceeded to add about seven more slides to introduce the cast.

The insert tab is the most vital tab in this process you can add color to the background and insert the text for the actors names.









The insert tab in this was my best friend, I added the cast pictures, screencaps, and any more pizazz I wanted to add to it. Then I clicked File and hit Save As. This is the most important part because with this, you want to save the file as a .JPG NOT a .WMV, this enables you to upload it later to a movie editor.

Now, I used the Windows Live Movie Maker, as opposed to iMovie. The first thing I did with this was upload my JPG files onto the program.

Example video.- not my own. But I did circle the music tools for later reference.

It should look something like this- a sort of frame by frame object. After I played throughout the video a few times to see a smooth transition I then added the music. Now, there is an add music option- but you need to have it in Mp3 before adding it to the video. I also circled the “Music Tools” at the top because this enables the music( or opening theme) to play at the right timing.

Then, I uploaded it to Vimeo…which at the moment does take a while to process which is the only problem I seem to have run into with this assignment.


The final product

(click the hyperlink)


Weekly Summary Numero Tres

This week’s assignments were tougher than I thought they would be, but I had a lot of fun using the applications and creating the audio. Audacity was a fairly simple and straight forward application I had to use, and the only problems I had this week were uploaded the final products for my audio assignments. The thing I enjoyed doing the most had to be making a song so much slower than what it had to because it felt like I was creating a new song all together, and listening to the radio show stories because I think without that I wouldn’t enjoy audio storytelling as much as I do now. As far as what I learned, I learned there is a lot more to audio than what people think they know. So much goes into making the final product. The thing I would do most differently this week, is the assignment where I had to make my theme song, I felt like I needed to learn more about how to make a song with a beat that has a flow because in the end I felt like my product was just mashed up together and I was not really satisfied with the final product.  As far as any cultural or societal impacts, I definitely did notice when I was listening to other people’s versions of making a a song 800% slower, it really goes to show with enough work any song whether it’s a pop anthem, fantasy theme show, or country song could be turned into an epic or “ethereal” piece.

1.) Reflection on Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos

2.) Summary/ Commentary of Radio stories

3.) Assignments

Making a theme slower (3 stars)

Make your own theme song (4 stars)

4.) Daily Creates

6/1/15: Art Generator

6/3/15: Wordplay

6/4/15:Make Art out of a circle

6/6/15: Brides throwing cats

5.) Summary about comments and other people’s blog

6.) Paragraph on what I learned this week, questions, and final assignment ideas/ tutorials submission

Let’s take it slow

I began this assignment (worth 3 stars), with one thing in mind: to make the Game of thrones theme even more epic than it already is. How would I do this? By making the it go even slower!

Look at that big, beautiful throne. I want it (Basically the plot of the whole series).
Look at that big, beautiful throne. I want it (Basically the plot of the whole series).

So why choose a theme to a series known for it’s violent tendencies, and controversial scenes all wrapped in one? Because it’s iconic. No, I’m not saying this because I happen to love the series, I’m saying this because theme songs for any TV show are probably the most recognizable thing connected to it. If I ask you about let’s say FRIENDS, what is one of the fisrt things that come to mind?

It would be the iconic guitar riff that starts the show. People love theme songs, they are catchy, people appreciate songs even more if there’s a twist to them.

The Steps:

Before I delve into how I did this, I wanted to say the application I used to help me with this process was Audacity. It is extremely helpful, and for someone like me who isn’t the most tech-savvy, it proved useful and easy to follow.

One of the first things I did was save an audio file in a folder onto my computer. This enables you to open it up into Audacity then and there. Once I had my audio file I opened it in the Audacity application- it does take a little time for the file to be fully uploaded.

Once it was uploaded, on the top bar I choose was “Effects”.

It is the sixth tab from the left.


When I scrolled over the effects, a list of effects show up. The one I choose was “Change Tempo”. By choosing to change the tempo, it will not have a significant effect on changing the pitch.

Then, a box showed up this is where I used the slider to drag it all the way to the left.


This is where I faced my problem, I dragged the slider all the way to the right and for a while it sounded like the Chipmunks: Medieval Style. I kept doing this for about a good ten minutes until I made a self-realization “Why not drag it to the left?” and behold- it worked!


When I chose to change the temple and hit “OK”, Audacity applies the changes to the song. This process took a bit of time about 3 minutes.

And this…is my final product.


Personal Anthem

Howdy! (The Final Product is down below)

For this assignment (worth 4 stars), I tried my hand at making my own personal theme. Is it good? Probably not, but the beat is pretty catchy!

Everyone after they listen to my theme. Kidding.
Everyone after they listen to my theme. Kidding.

Coming up with a theme for myself was really hard, to be honest I had no idea in mind. I just knew I wanted an upbeat sort of feel to the song to reflect my personality. I consulted with my best friend- Google to find a site that would enable me to make a bubbly instrumental theme. Eventually I found- Soundnation. For those amateur first time song makers (like me), this website comes with some beats to enable you to put an piece together a song!

The process:

Okay so while I said this site is extremely useful since it already has some samples for you to work with, tinkering around with it until you get the prefect sound is highly recommended.

First, the website gives you options of what samples you want to piece together by genres type. I went with Electronica because I figured many upbeat sorts of tempos can be found there.

Then, under the Electronica tab you are given beats with 90 BPM, and 95 BPM. I chose one, and for anyone working with this, I would only choose one type of BPM so you don’t have to mess with the pitch which could throw off the whole songs emotions/ feeling.

Once I chose the beats I wanted at 90 BPM, I had the challenge of putting the song together. What I did was on each column I staggered each beat so it would have a repetitive tune. Then, if I felt one beat wanted to be tuned down more than the other I could change it on the Audio Channel volume bar. The main problem I had with this was finding the right places to pair off different beats to make it sound not so “mashed up” but rather have a flow to it.










Fashion Fun

I love fashion. You can use the same principles of design and apply to fashion. You can see rhtym in the way dresses are draped or by their pattern. Symmetry and balance can be seen in some of the new things that walk down the runways among many other examples. While, clothes are for a more practical use, I do think people tend to overlook that the fact that fashion designers look at fashion as their own type of art.

For the assignment “DS106 Fashionista” (worth 3 stars), we were required to design an outfit for either the best man or the maid of honor! As you can probably tell below I attempted to draw a dress for the bridesmaids and maid of honor. The process of doing this was a lot more difficult than it seems. When I was drawing the lady I kept messing up on her hands and they kept coming out looking like weird alien claws. I then decided to look up references on the internet and came across a few sites that had helped me in the process which include- I Draw Fashion, College Fashion, and many pictures from Pinterest. Then I took a picture of it and uploaded it!


Missing: Tina’s Friend Fiction

Assignment suspect


Tina Belcher: 13 year old student at Wagstaff and part time “Friend- Fiction” writer has suffered a traumatic event- her work has been stolen. Tina’s journals where all of her work is stored, was found to be missing last Friday evening.

5/22/15: Tina Belcher comes home to her upstairs residence at Bob’s Burgers restaurant and finds her journals missing.

5/22/15: At the scene, a ransom letter is found it states: “I have your journals, give me what I want.” No other evidence from the perpetrator is left at the scene of the crime.

5/23/15: Louise Belcher claims brother Gene Belcher was making fun of Tina’s writings and therefore he has motive for stealing them.

5/23/15: Gene recants by saying he was helping his father pick up some more restaurant supplies so therefore, he couldn’t possibly be there the day of the crime.

5/23/15: Tina claims to have frenemies but does not say who.

5/26/15: Tina finally confesses that she thinks Zeke is the one who took her journals and they are at Wagstaff.

5/27/15: Zeke was taken in for questioning but denied any interest in wanting to take Tina’s journals.

5/28/15: Belcher kids do a search at Wagstaff school for any evidence. None has been found.

5/30/15: Linda Belcher- mother of Louise, Tina, and Gene, complains her magazines have been ruined.

5/30/15: Lina also adds she saw Louise in Tina’s room last. But Louise denies this intermediately.

5/31/15: Louise confesses that she took Tina’s journals because Tina would not take her to the Pier to get her cotton candy.

Case closed. Cue Law and Order Music.



For this assignment- The Assignment is a Suspect (worth 3 stars), we had to take anything and turn it into a crime scene board. I took one of my favorite shows- Bob’s Burgers and turned it into a melodramtic-crime scene. How I got the final product was all thanks to Paint and Google. I looked up various pictures of things having to do with Bob’s Burgers and a cork board for a background. Then, I added text boxes with the information and inserted lines that would connect together.

I’m actually a superhero

Shaboo1 copy (1)

For this assignment called Cartoon You (worth 3 and a half stars), we had to render a cartoon version of ourselves. This gave me the chance to make myself (and my dogs) superheros because, to be honest I do not lead an interesting life. So let me introduce you to my alter-ego: FIREBLOOD!


As a young child, a girl named Samantha was abandoned by her parents. As she traveled the country side she found refuge in a traveling circus where a Master knife thrower named Shabazz took her in and raised her as his own. As the years rolled on, and the circus moved from town to town, Shabazz taught his daughter to master the art of throwing knives. Samantha was close with all the circus animals, but none more so than two mixed breed canines that no one else wanted. One night when the circus was camped on the outskirts of Washington DC, Samantha and her two canine friends decided to go on a walking tour away from the circus. Unbeknownst to them, local thugs decided to attack the circus to steal exotic animals for sale. the thugs were confronted by Shabazz who defended the animals and other circus workers with all the fury of a protective father. As Samantha and her dogs returned to the circus they found it under attack from thugs who were also burning everything in site. Samantha searched desperately for Shabazz, eventually finding him near a burning tent full of cleaning supplies and other cleaning materials. As she and the dogs attempted to pull Shabazz to safety, the tent exploded, sending chemicals in all directions covering her and her dogs. Samantha had never felt such pain, every part of her body seemed to be on fire, her last memory before passing out was seeing her dogs laying on the ground surrounded by a mysterious glow. Samantha remained unconscious for several days in a local hospital. When she awoke, she learned of the death of her adopted father and mentor. Not knowing how to react, she fled the hospital and returned to where the remains of the circus were. Finding Shabazz’s knives, she began to throw them as a means of dealing with rage, guilt, and grief. As she threw the knives , she noticed that for some reason that when the hit target they would burst into flame. It was at this time that her two trusty canines also had found their way back to the circus. They too have been affected by the explosion. Both seem to have the ability to communicate with Samantha telekinetically. She learned that one could shoot heat wives out of his eyes and she named him InfraRed. The other had gained the ability to see UltraViolet rays to aid the location into seeing missing objects or people. Samantha renamed herself FireBlade and with her two canine friends set out to seek justice against those who have destroyed her home and killed her adoptive father.

(Disclaimer: Yeah none of this happened to me in real life.)


Okay, so I could drone on and on about my superhero abilities (or lack there of), I really want to explain how I brought this character to life by Photoshop. At first, I drew out my little superhero and her sidekicks and proceeded to scan it into Photoshop CS2 ( it’s outdated, I know).

I’m going to list out the steps to using Photoshop with coloring in my picture

Photoshop steps to coloring it in:

1.) To darken the black outline I went to Image> Adjustments>Levels. A slider is shown, and you either slide it right for the black to appear darker or left for it to appear more faint.

2.) After that is done, I than went to the Channels panel and took out all of the white by pressing Delete and Control+D in the first Background layer, this allows the image to be transparent.

3.) Then I adjusted the image mode from gray scale to RGB (to enable me to color it in) by Image> Mode> RGB.

4.) I then created a new layer and renamed it “skin” and did this for every detail of the picture and so on. With each layer the image can be colored with a brush tool without affecting the other layers.

I am feeling a bit lyrical today

While, pictures can capture the attention, words can convey the message. That is the main take away I got from doing this assignment. For this assignment ( worth four stars), we were required to design a poster that illustrates a line from our favorite song. This was hard because I’m one of those people who likes every song known to man and my favorite song changes day to day! But, after eliminating many ideas for what song I should use, I finally came to choose Kacey Musgrave’s song Biscuits because it has strong and positive message.

I came into this assignment thinking this would be easy. Boy did I swallow my tongue soon afterwords. There is a lot more to making typography than just typing words. I found out that the placement of the lyrics, even what color they should be can either complement or ruin the poster. The process was one of the most tedious part of this class so far. I used Pixlr as suggested by this post. In Pixlr, I set up my desired size of the poster, then I decided to use the gradient tool provided to add some more color to the poster. The fun part came in where you can “snazz” up the poster by using different brushes and stamps. I went a little stamp crazy, but overall I think the background turned out really good! Finally, Pixlr also has a text box tool to type in the lyrics, pick a font, and where to place the lyrics on the poster.