Now you can be a Professional DJ (Well kind of)

You can become a famous!

Not this DJ…
This one!

But in all seriousness, let me get down to the real business- Making Your Own song. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t have the pipes of an angel so I opted to go the instrumental route, which, believe me, works just as well.

The tool of my trade? Soundation, a website where you the user can make music for free!

1.) Choose the genre type you want to build your own personal anthem by. The choices are located on the right.

Click one of the options and various instrumental sounds are listed- such as a Clap or a “Beat Straight”

2.) Once you choose your tunes- I say pick about 2 (maybe 3). You are going to want to stagger the sounds.

Another note: To have a consistent beat (meaning it shouldn’t sound all over the place), try and pick the same BPM or tempo, I know for electronica it varies from either 90 BPM or 95 BPM.


3.) Keep staggering all your gathered sounds until you feel you have the right fit. This may take awhile. Now, on the line above there’s this ruler looking thing- that is the time for how long you want your song to go for. There is a scroll bar at the bottom if you want your song to go longer.

The time bar.
The time bar. Sorry, it’s a bit small!

4.) On the left, the crucial thing with this is the toggle bar. This is where you can drag it to either make a certain beat more prevalent in the song or make it softer.



5.) After playing it back a few times, go to the “File” tab and Save it, then upload load it to Soundcloud or any other place!

*Note*- The setback to all of this is, Saving it, you have to join as a member but it’s free.


Let’s take it slow

I began this assignment (worth 3 stars), with one thing in mind: to make the Game of thrones theme even more epic than it already is. How would I do this? By making the it go even slower!

Look at that big, beautiful throne. I want it (Basically the plot of the whole series).
Look at that big, beautiful throne. I want it (Basically the plot of the whole series).

So why choose a theme to a series known for it’s violent tendencies, and controversial scenes all wrapped in one? Because it’s iconic. No, I’m not saying this because I happen to love the series, I’m saying this because theme songs for any TV show are probably the most recognizable thing connected to it. If I ask you about let’s say FRIENDS, what is one of the fisrt things that come to mind?

It would be the iconic guitar riff that starts the show. People love theme songs, they are catchy, people appreciate songs even more if there’s a twist to them.

The Steps:

Before I delve into how I did this, I wanted to say the application I used to help me with this process was Audacity. It is extremely helpful, and for someone like me who isn’t the most tech-savvy, it proved useful and easy to follow.

One of the first things I did was save an audio file in a folder onto my computer. This enables you to open it up into Audacity then and there. Once I had my audio file I opened it in the Audacity application- it does take a little time for the file to be fully uploaded.

Once it was uploaded, on the top bar I choose was “Effects”.

It is the sixth tab from the left.


When I scrolled over the effects, a list of effects show up. The one I choose was “Change Tempo”. By choosing to change the tempo, it will not have a significant effect on changing the pitch.

Then, a box showed up this is where I used the slider to drag it all the way to the left.


This is where I faced my problem, I dragged the slider all the way to the right and for a while it sounded like the Chipmunks: Medieval Style. I kept doing this for about a good ten minutes until I made a self-realization “Why not drag it to the left?” and behold- it worked!


When I chose to change the temple and hit “OK”, Audacity applies the changes to the song. This process took a bit of time about 3 minutes.

And this…is my final product.


Personal Anthem

Howdy! (The Final Product is down below)

For this assignment (worth 4 stars), I tried my hand at making my own personal theme. Is it good? Probably not, but the beat is pretty catchy!

Everyone after they listen to my theme. Kidding.
Everyone after they listen to my theme. Kidding.

Coming up with a theme for myself was really hard, to be honest I had no idea in mind. I just knew I wanted an upbeat sort of feel to the song to reflect my personality. I consulted with my best friend- Google to find a site that would enable me to make a bubbly instrumental theme. Eventually I found- Soundnation. For those amateur first time song makers (like me), this website comes with some beats to enable you to put an piece together a song!

The process:

Okay so while I said this site is extremely useful since it already has some samples for you to work with, tinkering around with it until you get the prefect sound is highly recommended.

First, the website gives you options of what samples you want to piece together by genres type. I went with Electronica because I figured many upbeat sorts of tempos can be found there.

Then, under the Electronica tab you are given beats with 90 BPM, and 95 BPM. I chose one, and for anyone working with this, I would only choose one type of BPM so you don’t have to mess with the pitch which could throw off the whole songs emotions/ feeling.

Once I chose the beats I wanted at 90 BPM, I had the challenge of putting the song together. What I did was on each column I staggered each beat so it would have a repetitive tune. Then, if I felt one beat wanted to be tuned down more than the other I could change it on the Audio Channel volume bar. The main problem I had with this was finding the right places to pair off different beats to make it sound not so “mashed up” but rather have a flow to it.