Procrastination Nation (Daily Create- 6/3/15)

I always put things off; I consider it my biggest sin and most holy virtue. I made up in my mind that today would be the day I would finish my paper for my Animal Behavior course. The topic? Bees. Yes, I had to talk about those little fuzzy, annoying, and surprisingly helpful things that make honey. Let’s see I am on paragraph…one, okay not far along. But how am I supposed to write five whole pages on “Colony Collapse Disorder- the Bee’s plague”? It’s not the most thrilling topic of any conversation “Oh yes it’s an unknown disorder which makes honeybees die by the bunch and it could affect our economy.” I looked at the lonely paragraph on my screen and decided just maybe one more little break wouldn’t hurt anymore. Certainly not any honeybees. I looked at my phone which is attached at the hip, one new message, ugh- it’s nothing just from my sister who seemed to send me fifteen text messages full of flower emoji’s gushing how “great” her boyfriend is- okay that’s enough messaging for me. How about the world’s biggest time waster? Facebook.  I logged in, no surprise here- summer trips, pictures of family, and weird like page suggestions. Woah, my brother actually posted something- “WTF?! Check this video out!” with words like that he must charm the pants off girls. I clicked the link to the video- oh it’s a cat playing a piano. It’s kind of cute. Alright, time to log out of Facebook. What’s on Reddit? Let me check. Hmmm…I scrolled through the page, NSFW pics…no, thank you.  There’s nothing. On the side bar I saw “15 Biggest celebrity Photobombs- the Funny Faces of the A-listers!” okay that looks good no matter how stupid it is, I got a bad case of click bait. Below that link was an article “Get rid of 60 pounds in two days” , well considering I’d have to cut off my arms and legs for that to happen and the picture is badly Photoshopped, I think on pass and not fall victim to click fraud. I looked through the photo bomb list, it was alright, not as good as I expected. Oh well. Where else to look? How about CNN? Let me do that. Nope, there’s nothing on here I want to read. Articles among articles on politics, the economy, and net neutrality. I should stop stalling; I need to finish this paper. Okay, time to write the best paper of my life.

Before I could type one word, I heard my mother call from downstairs.

“Dinner is ready! I made chilaquiles!” She yelled upstairs.

“Sorry mom, I have to finish something,” I yelled back down.

“I also made coffee and crema!” She yelled back up.

I looked back at the screen. Work or food?

“After dinner, I swear I will finish this paper.” I said.


Weekly Summary Numero Dos

Coming into this week, I was feeling a little more confident in my ability to navigate and administrate my webpage. This week’s assignments, were interesting because it was an area I was interested in- the design aspect so learning and tinkering with some of the tools gave me a small taste of what it was like. Completing the assignments I definitely felt like I learned how to do things I would have never been able to do before, but I did have troubles. My main trouble went into the GIF part, GIMP and I are enemies for now…but I am figuring it out and we are trying to come to an understanding. But, the GIF-making assignments were probably my favorite, despite the errors I faced! There were many things I took away from this week- I learned the basics ( still am) of the GIMP program, I just started using Photoshop again and refreshed my skills on that, and Vignelli’s idea that graphic design is more than just making a symbol, and that is something that I definitely don’t think people appreciate. If there was one thing I had to do differently this week, it would be tinkering with the GIMP program earlier because maybe then I’d be a master at it now (okay maybe a novice).  As for any cultural/societal implications that can be found in my work- I think the big one is the assignment “Cartoon You” I made myself a superhero mainly because I feel like there’s not enough female superheroes you see. Of course we have Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Storm but that’s a small percentage and even most of the female characters we see they are always put in that archetype of being the damsel in distress. I think girls can save the world just as much as boys can!

Weekly Work:


1.) DS106 Fashionista 3 Stars
2.) Four Icons, One Story 2 Stars
3.) The Assignment is a Suspect! 3 Stars
4.) Cartoon You 3 and a half stars
5.) Lyric Typography 4 stars

GIF Assignments-

1.) Favorite Musician GIF 3 stars
2.) Muppets GIF 3 stars

Daily Creates-

1.) Daily Create- 5/25/15
2.) Daily Create- 5/28/15
3.) Daily Create- 5/30/15
4.) Daily Create- 5/31/15

Vignelli Reflection

Design Blitz

But seriously, how is GIF announced?

Fashion Fun

I love fashion. You can use the same principles of design and apply to fashion. You can see rhtym in the way dresses are draped or by their pattern. Symmetry and balance can be seen in some of the new things that walk down the runways among many other examples. While, clothes are for a more practical use, I do think people tend to overlook that the fact that fashion designers look at fashion as their own type of art.

For the assignment “DS106 Fashionista” (worth 3 stars), we were required to design an outfit for either the best man or the maid of honor! As you can probably tell below I attempted to draw a dress for the bridesmaids and maid of honor. The process of doing this was a lot more difficult than it seems. When I was drawing the lady I kept messing up on her hands and they kept coming out looking like weird alien claws. I then decided to look up references on the internet and came across a few sites that had helped me in the process which include- I Draw Fashion, College Fashion, and many pictures from Pinterest. Then I took a picture of it and uploaded it!


What movie is this?!


What movie is this?! I feel like I’m on a game show.Movie assignment

For this assignment (worth two stars), we had to take four symbols that would represent the movie and whoever happens to stumble upon this post would have to guess what movie it is from. This goes back on Vignelli’s principles in where he states with design, someone needs to show the meaning of a bigger idea through a simple yet timeless symbols.

To do this, I used The Noun Project to find my symbols. Then, I pasted them into a blank paint document and scale them to be fairly similar in size.

Missing: Tina’s Friend Fiction

Assignment suspect


Tina Belcher: 13 year old student at Wagstaff and part time “Friend- Fiction” writer has suffered a traumatic event- her work has been stolen. Tina’s journals where all of her work is stored, was found to be missing last Friday evening.

5/22/15: Tina Belcher comes home to her upstairs residence at Bob’s Burgers restaurant and finds her journals missing.

5/22/15: At the scene, a ransom letter is found it states: “I have your journals, give me what I want.” No other evidence from the perpetrator is left at the scene of the crime.

5/23/15: Louise Belcher claims brother Gene Belcher was making fun of Tina’s writings and therefore he has motive for stealing them.

5/23/15: Gene recants by saying he was helping his father pick up some more restaurant supplies so therefore, he couldn’t possibly be there the day of the crime.

5/23/15: Tina claims to have frenemies but does not say who.

5/26/15: Tina finally confesses that she thinks Zeke is the one who took her journals and they are at Wagstaff.

5/27/15: Zeke was taken in for questioning but denied any interest in wanting to take Tina’s journals.

5/28/15: Belcher kids do a search at Wagstaff school for any evidence. None has been found.

5/30/15: Linda Belcher- mother of Louise, Tina, and Gene, complains her magazines have been ruined.

5/30/15: Lina also adds she saw Louise in Tina’s room last. But Louise denies this intermediately.

5/31/15: Louise confesses that she took Tina’s journals because Tina would not take her to the Pier to get her cotton candy.

Case closed. Cue Law and Order Music.



For this assignment- The Assignment is a Suspect (worth 3 stars), we had to take anything and turn it into a crime scene board. I took one of my favorite shows- Bob’s Burgers and turned it into a melodramtic-crime scene. How I got the final product was all thanks to Paint and Google. I looked up various pictures of things having to do with Bob’s Burgers and a cork board for a background. Then, I added text boxes with the information and inserted lines that would connect together.

I’m actually a superhero

Shaboo1 copy (1)

For this assignment called Cartoon You (worth 3 and a half stars), we had to render a cartoon version of ourselves. This gave me the chance to make myself (and my dogs) superheros because, to be honest I do not lead an interesting life. So let me introduce you to my alter-ego: FIREBLOOD!


As a young child, a girl named Samantha was abandoned by her parents. As she traveled the country side she found refuge in a traveling circus where a Master knife thrower named Shabazz took her in and raised her as his own. As the years rolled on, and the circus moved from town to town, Shabazz taught his daughter to master the art of throwing knives. Samantha was close with all the circus animals, but none more so than two mixed breed canines that no one else wanted. One night when the circus was camped on the outskirts of Washington DC, Samantha and her two canine friends decided to go on a walking tour away from the circus. Unbeknownst to them, local thugs decided to attack the circus to steal exotic animals for sale. the thugs were confronted by Shabazz who defended the animals and other circus workers with all the fury of a protective father. As Samantha and her dogs returned to the circus they found it under attack from thugs who were also burning everything in site. Samantha searched desperately for Shabazz, eventually finding him near a burning tent full of cleaning supplies and other cleaning materials. As she and the dogs attempted to pull Shabazz to safety, the tent exploded, sending chemicals in all directions covering her and her dogs. Samantha had never felt such pain, every part of her body seemed to be on fire, her last memory before passing out was seeing her dogs laying on the ground surrounded by a mysterious glow. Samantha remained unconscious for several days in a local hospital. When she awoke, she learned of the death of her adopted father and mentor. Not knowing how to react, she fled the hospital and returned to where the remains of the circus were. Finding Shabazz’s knives, she began to throw them as a means of dealing with rage, guilt, and grief. As she threw the knives , she noticed that for some reason that when the hit target they would burst into flame. It was at this time that her two trusty canines also had found their way back to the circus. They too have been affected by the explosion. Both seem to have the ability to communicate with Samantha telekinetically. She learned that one could shoot heat wives out of his eyes and she named him InfraRed. The other had gained the ability to see UltraViolet rays to aid the location into seeing missing objects or people. Samantha renamed herself FireBlade and with her two canine friends set out to seek justice against those who have destroyed her home and killed her adoptive father.

(Disclaimer: Yeah none of this happened to me in real life.)


Okay, so I could drone on and on about my superhero abilities (or lack there of), I really want to explain how I brought this character to life by Photoshop. At first, I drew out my little superhero and her sidekicks and proceeded to scan it into Photoshop CS2 ( it’s outdated, I know).

I’m going to list out the steps to using Photoshop with coloring in my picture

Photoshop steps to coloring it in:

1.) To darken the black outline I went to Image> Adjustments>Levels. A slider is shown, and you either slide it right for the black to appear darker or left for it to appear more faint.

2.) After that is done, I than went to the Channels panel and took out all of the white by pressing Delete and Control+D in the first Background layer, this allows the image to be transparent.

3.) Then I adjusted the image mode from gray scale to RGB (to enable me to color it in) by Image> Mode> RGB.

4.) I then created a new layer and renamed it “skin” and did this for every detail of the picture and so on. With each layer the image can be colored with a brush tool without affecting the other layers.

I am feeling a bit lyrical today

While, pictures can capture the attention, words can convey the message. That is the main take away I got from doing this assignment. For this assignment ( worth four stars), we were required to design a poster that illustrates a line from our favorite song. This was hard because I’m one of those people who likes every song known to man and my favorite song changes day to day! But, after eliminating many ideas for what song I should use, I finally came to choose Kacey Musgrave’s song Biscuits because it has strong and positive message.

I came into this assignment thinking this would be easy. Boy did I swallow my tongue soon afterwords. There is a lot more to making typography than just typing words. I found out that the placement of the lyrics, even what color they should be can either complement or ruin the poster. The process was one of the most tedious part of this class so far. I used Pixlr as suggested by this post. In Pixlr, I set up my desired size of the poster, then I decided to use the gradient tool provided to add some more color to the poster. The fun part came in where you can “snazz” up the poster by using different brushes and stamps. I went a little stamp crazy, but overall I think the background turned out really good! Finally, Pixlr also has a text box tool to type in the lyrics, pick a font, and where to place the lyrics on the poster.


Gonzo the Great.










Ah yes, Gonzo. So important, yet so under appreciated. I think the Muppet’s and Sesame Street, among many other shows are a staple to most millennials childhood. This is probably why, doing this assignment (worth 3 and a half stars) sparked interest in me- I grew up with the Muppet’s.  I chose Gonzo because he is an oddity of the animal kingdom, no one knows exactly what he is or where he came from- yet he brings joy and happiness to everyone (or Muppet) he comes in contact with. Look at that face, don’t you just want to give him a hug?

I tried creating a GIF ( how do you pronounce that?!) in GIMP with an animation plug-in called GAP (Short for: Gimp Animation Package), but of course my never ending brawl with technology occurred once again. The program crashed and I had to restart my computer. So after about thirty minutes of tinkering around the program and having the program crash yet again, I decided to use something else. In the previous GIF assignment, I used a handy website called MakeAGif. So I pasted the link to the video of the multiple Gonzos dancing around and the website already puts the video on a loop from the beginning. If you are technologically challenged (like me), all you need to do is to pick a time place in the video and set how many seconds you want the GIF to loop and Congrats! You have yourself a GIF! The only other problem I had with this assignment was the video quality, I tried searching for the same video in a better quality but I couldn’t find any.