I am no Annie Leibowitz, nor a Dorthea Lange. I’m an amateur. But we all got to start somewhere right? Of course, I and many others don’t have the resources or equipment to take “professional” pictures you see in the ads on Times Square. But that doesn’t stop me from taking plenty of photos of things I feel like ought to be captured and even shared with the world. I don’t have a specific subject because there’s a lot of things worth taking a picture of. If there is a feeling I want people to see in my photos is to feel happy, I like to emphasize a lot of light and color in the photos I take. While, some of my assignments such as the “Seven Deadly Sins with Barbie” and “The Disney object” focused had a specific composition to them, most of the time I personally feel it’s better to capture people’s emotions in the moment or various objects to give a more relate-able and natural feel to the viewers.

Customizing the Blog

Talk about being a little kid in a candy shop when it came to customizing my blog. Navigating around the customization tools on WordPress was easy. Although when it came to themes I was so indecisive about what to choose! The other fun part about customizing my blog was adding images or backgrounds to give more color and pizazz to my then blank blog. Another interesting thing to see is how other people organized their own blogs, and the colors they used, it gives you a peek about who they are as a person.

Putting Disney into Focus

IMG_3836If there was an award (or participation badge) for being the biggest fan of Disney, I’d probably get it. As you can see, there’s a frying pan in the image above, for those of you who don’t know what movie that is from, it is from Tangled. But first, let me tell you the story of Rapunzel’s great-great-great (lots of greats), granddaughter and how she got this pan.


Tress sat among a room of relatives she didn’t even know she had. Today was a sad day to most her great-great-grandmother had just passed away. Tress didn’t know her that well, all she knew was she had some ties with royalty in her bloodline which Tress thought was neat. After the funeral, Tress, her immediate family, and extended family were asked to meet the deceased’s lawyer at his office.

Tress once again sat among yet another room with relatives she didn’t know. The lawyer came in with a huge list and this confused just about everyone in the room.

“Uh what’s that?” One middle-aged relative said.

The lawyer looked up.

“A will.” she said.

Of course everyone’s face in that moment lite up with the hopes of getting that beach house in Acapulco or the set of crystal silverware. The lawyer read off every single person’s name, even the children! Tress was surprised, everyone was getting something fancy like an estate, a rare book collection, and even her six year old cousin got a pair of diamond earrings!

“Man, that old lady must have been packed with money.” She thought.

When it came time for Tress’s family she got excited, the lawyer read off what her parents got- a piece of and in Italy…nice. Her brother got a boat…seems good.

“And Tress…” The lawyer read.

“This is the moment.” Tress thought.

“A frying pan.” The lawyer read.

“WHAT?” Tress yelled.

Everyone looked at her.

Tress just smiled.

“A frying pan…Lovely…what more can a girl want?” she said.

Tress eventually got that frying pan in the mail one day much to her disgust. When she opened the package a rusty and worn frying pan resided there. When she pulled out the frying pan, a letter fell out. Tress thought that was weird but reluctantly agreed to open it.

“Dear Tress,

You don’t know me and I don’t know you. But, at this point my health is sub-par, and I’m writing a will. Yes, I am well aware how greedy our large family can get when it comes to a sickly yet wealthy old lady. You probably are mad you got a frying pan while others got what seemed to be more. But, you are wrong. That object you have- the frying pan, it’s the most expensive item, it’s priceless. You see it belonged to a princess…ever heard of Rapunzel? Yes, that story is true, and this frying pan is hers. She was my great-great-great…I think you get the gist, she and I were related.  In fact she hit her husband- a bandit with it in the head for protection.

 Tress paused.

“This is bogus! Sounds like the plot to Tangled!” Tress complained.

“…oh and before you complain that I am ripping off the plot of Tangled, it’s based off her life, and I sold the rights to Disney a few years ago, where else do you think I got all this money? But, I’m giving this to you because you are a very special girl, and besides I don’t really trust anyone else in our family to look after it. If you still don’t believe me, look at the bottom of the pan and her royal symbol will be on it.



P.S.- If you ever find yourself in trouble, use this baby to protect yourself.

Tress closed the letter unable to really collect her thoughts on what she just read was actually true. She looked at the bottom of the pan and low and behold there was a symbol.

“This sounds to good to be tru-” Tress started saying before she got caught off by a noise downstairs.

Tress peeked her head around the corner and saw a tall figure rummaging through her mother’s jewelry box. Tress looked down at the pan in her hand.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” She whispered to herself.

Tress sneaked into her mother’s room and behind the burglar and lifted the pan.


The burglar was knocked out cold. Tress looked down at her pan.

“Hmm, the old lady was right, who needs a stupid beach house when I got this baby!” Tress said.


(I was trying to be creative and play on words so I named the main character Tress as in a tress of hair)

Anyways, doing this assignment was very fun! I had trouble looking for an object associated with Disney but after remembering Rapunzel had a frying pan, I found the subject of my assignment. I simply placed the pan on my counter and took a picture of it under the sunlight. Then, I went into PicStitch and uploaded the photo and used their focus feature to put emphasis on the frying pan. I figured a story might spice things up with this assignment and that is how the story of “Tress” and her great-great grandmother’s ancient frying pan was born.


What’s in this gal’s bag?! The World’s biggest mystery revealed!

IMG_3834 (2)

Actually it’s not a big mystery (But how cool would it be if it was?!)

For this assignment (3 stars worth), I’m showing a look into my little, old bag! I wonder if you can tell a lot about a person by the items you find in their purse, backpack, or satchel? Maybe!

My purse is a bright blue color, and it’s a bit small compared to the other massive purses I see. Surprisingly enough, the purse while small it may be, is a wonder of science because the amount of stuff I kept in there over the past year without my poor bag breaking is really something that should be under research ( anyone need a Ph.D research project?!). Of course, every handbag has a best pal- and that’s a wallet. My wallet is no shocker, it has the typical things you find in the majority of the Earth’s population- money, IDs of various kinds, a debit card, and that thing SpongeBob never got- a license. I also found a receipt to a Chinese restaurant, but I figured that wouldn’t help at all in the process of describing the contents of my purse.

Then there’s my journal, I carry it around and scribble little doodles in it when find myself bored. In addition, the pages of the journal has various thoughts I culminate throughout a day. With every great journal comes pens- I have a bunch of them. Then, there’s a clear bag which contains a ton of clips, hair ties, and bobby pins to tame that lion’s mane I call my hair. Speaking of beauty products, I also carry lipgloss of any color (usually red or pink).

For a more practical use, I carry around headache medicine just in case! Also, there is a bleach pen because goodness knows the amount of stuff I could get on my clothes. Then we have my sunglasses and hand sanitizer (It’s in a sleeve covered by a smiling pineapple). Finally, we have my cell phone for communication reasons and the keys to my car.

To do this assignment, all I had to do was take a picture of the items in my purse, which was fairly simple. The hardest thing I did find about the assignment, however, was trying to fit all of my stuff into the photo so the lens can capture it onto the film.

Setting up Camp (In other words, setting up my domain and social media sites)

Technology and I- we don’t get along, yes it seems with the slightest touch of my finger to any sort of technology- a computer to even something as simple as a calculator, something goes berzerk! So I proceeded with extreme caution and attention to detail when I was setting up everything to make sure nothing went wrong.  Luckily, setting up my blog and finding a unique name for this blog was fairly easy.

In terms of setting up social media, no problems arose with Twitter or Soundcloud, and Flickr they were pretty straight forward with signing up, and utilizing the accounts. The only problem I ran into with a social media had to do with my Gravatar. I didn’t know if I had to somehow link it to my blog or it automatically link itself to my blog, so i ran around in circles of confusion. Eventually I figured Gravatar out and all is good!

The only other run-ins I had were with how to use, and tinker around with my blog. Over the week, I definitely learned a lot from doing things on my own and with the assistance of the (among millions of others) WordPress “How-to” videos. So far, I’ve got the hang of everything and my relationship with technology as of right now seems to be civil.

Color Splash Time


Splish Splash I was taking a bath! (Don’t get the song reference? Me either, my grandma used to sing me that song to me all the time)

For this visual assignment (worth 3 stars), I was to take a picture of anything and isolate one object in the picture with a “splash” of color. In my case, I used a peony that happened to be in full bloom!
Flowers have been probably one of the most consistent things that have stayed in my life thus so far. When I was little, I used to spend all the time outdoors so you can imagine the vast amounts of flowers I have seen (especially since besides collecting gnomes, my mother has a knack for gardening). As a young girl and even today as a young adult, I always find myself in awe over the many colors, sizes, and shapes of flowers. They always brought me happiness. As I grow, things change- people come and go, the world around us becomes more modernized, and even down to what I wear is in a constant state of metamorphosis. Flowers as mushy they can be have been one of the only things that have stayed and it gives me a weird, little reminder each day that even the simplest things can give you the slightest bit of happiness. When I feel like I’m living in a world of black and white, flowers are my splash of color. I know that as I grow (and change) even more and well after I am gone (as morbid as that sounds), these little treasures found all over the world can bring anyone the happiness they need.

Now, as much as I could go on and gush about these wonders of nature, I need to further explain the process of how I made this image the way it looks. As I said before, my lovely mother loves to garden, so I went on a mini adventure in my backyard to find any flower(s) that I could use. I found many, in fact, I took 50+ pictures of flowers and then realized that probably is a bit overdone and I spent a good amount of time trying to choose one. After choosing “the one” (sounds like I’m on the Bachelor), I uploaded the picture I took on a very useful phone app called PicStitch. PicStitch is great in which, that the app itself had a color splash tool, among many other things. So after uploading the photo onto it and activating the color splash, I had to maneuver my finger around the flower bud to capture its color. This is where the hard part came in; I constantly had to start over because I colored in too much. After about fifteen minutes, I used a stylus (I highly recommend it!) to finally get what I needed to be colored in.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Barbie Edition


This is the first assignment I had to do (Amount: 3 Stars), it required me to show one of America’s sweethearts (Barbie) acting out one of the seven deadly sins- I chose Gluttony. The main reason, I enjoyed embarking on this assignment was because Barbie is portrayed as “perfect” in every aspect of her life and this makes anyone (girls, boys, whomever) feel kind of inadequate as everyone is different and has unique things about them that makes who they are unique! Besides the woman has a new job each day (like doctor, model, astronaut, and babysitter), how many degrees does she have and how much tuition did she spend to get said degrees?! But, as I was saying doing this assignment was really fun, especially because you are putting Barbie in a bad light for once and showing, that yes even she can commit any one of the sins.

So as you can tell from the image above here we have Barbie lying among a variety of donuts and it seems to me she’s actually indulging in it a bit too much. Barbie has come to a breakthrough in which she has noticed how she may be sending the wrong message to impressionable children about what a person ought to look like. She decided the best way to put some extra meat on her was to eat whatever, whenever, I mean one of her 1000+ jobs is a personal trainer right? So staying in shape, she thought wouldn’t be an issue. At first, things flowed smoothly, but over time she got used to the savory taste of pastries, the satisfying crunch from chips, and the indulgence of mozzarella sticks. Barbie skipped working out to eat pizza (Honestly, I probably would too) and never gets the same joy or excitement she does when she ate celery. Just the other day, she hogged all the cake from her sisters and had eaten each bite to herself. She even ordered her sisters to get her donuts and keep feeding her more and more. Of course, her outlandish behavior caused a rift between her and her sisters. About a day ago Barbie noticed how much different her body looked- she gained weight.
She looked at herself and the mirror and said-

“Oh look at that I gained a few pounds, oh well it happens, looks are not everything.”

Then she accepted that she liked herself regardless of her body shape and decided that she was treating her sisters unfairly and extended an apology- of course, they accepted. Barbie just recently decided she wants to travel the world and preach about body positivity to everyone and stop being something she is not. Of course when the chance arises she can’t say no to a good piece of tiramisu.

That is the story of Barbie and Gluttony, despite it being her sin; it kind of helped her in the end. But, let me talk about the process of making this photo. Overall it was fairly easy, I happen to see a box of donuts lying on one of the counters in my kitchen. I placed Barbie inside the box and posed her with all of the donuts, the only part I messed up on was the lighting as the picture came out a bit blurry when I took it.

Photo Safari Time!

The photo safari I embarked on was throughout my house (Considering the amount of useless items I own). Within the fifteen-minute time span, I was able to snap eleven photos, excluding those that capture the time when I started and ended the safari. This was a lot of fun…but I sure have a mess to clean up around my house.

Daily Create 5/20/15

“Why hi there, I see you have a turkey sandwich. What a strange coincidence I, too, like turkey in the variety of a sandwich.”


As well as being one of the first daily creates I had ever done, this is also my personal favorite. Mainly because no matter what I seem to have on my plate I feel a pair of eyes on me and I look down and of course they play the cute puppy eyes look and cue the sad violin music until I give in and give my dogs food.

Daily Create- 5/19/15

The girl ran away from her small, quaint, southern Oklahoma shack- vowing to never look back. She kept running until she could no longer see the remnants of her that boring little town located in the middle of nothing.

At around two p.m. in the afternoon, the girl finally stopped running. She sat among a barren field under the summer heat to catch her breath.

“I guess I’m gone.” She said.

-Gone Girl