Cereal Box Fun

The best thing I can cook is cereal. It’s probably the only thing I can cook. I don’t know if people realize this but, I think cereal box covers are often overlooked. Yeah, they are not breakthrough designs but they have an iconic.

All these characters are recognizable and famous yet they don’t even have to twerk to be known for who they are.

Anyways, what better way to show and create new characters than creating a cereal box?!

Here’s the magic I used in Pixlr to make my cereal box (my dog happens to be the mascot).

Possible catchprase..."They'll make you go woof!"
Possible catchprase…”They’ll make you go woof!”

The cereal will hit grocery store shelves in Fall 2377.

How to do this:

What you’ll need- Photoshop, Pixlr, or GIMP.

*Note* I used Pixlr for all of this.

1.) What you are going to do, is when you have a new image in one of the editors, the size does not matter, BUT, since most cereal boxes have a larger lengths than widths you might want to stick with that sort of concept.

2.) Once you have the size you want, take the paint bucket tool (or the gradient tool) and fill in the background with the desired color or colors of your choosing.

3.) After the background has been established you want to add a new layer. Typically when it comes to all of these editing softwares- they have a tab to where you can add a new layer.

As in this example set by Pixlr.

4.) Add the number of layers you desire. With these new layers you are going to further add a picture in each layer that has to deal with the type of cereal cover theme you want to advertise.

5.) Then, once you set your decorations around the picture, go to the tool bar, and locate the text tool (this is usually a capital letter on the left side).

6.) You are going to clock anywhere in the location of your “cereal box” and type it in. Have fun with the size, type, and location of the font. Add a punchline if you want!

7.) Finally, you are going to upload a photo of your own created character/ mascot, your dog, or even yourself to the box.

Assignment worth total: 3 stars.


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