Design Blitz

Another week, another scavenger hunt, for this assignment we had to take four pictures of various objects that reflect the concepts of design- typography, color, rhythm, proportion, dominance, metaphors/symbols, form/function/message, and the use of space/minimalism.

This blitz/scavenger hunt occurred in two places- a little dinky room in my house I like to call my “studio” and my brother’s place, because who doesn’t like to confuse their brother by taking random objects of things in his house?

~Concept one, Color: I realized I had a bunch of unused paint, so naturally I decided to make a color wheel. What better way to give a concept of “color” than the whole theory many artists, graphic designers, and students alike know about. The color theory in short, is that there are three “primary” colors which are blue, red and yellow (different for computers as it’s red, blue, and green). With these primary colors you can make secondary and tertiary colors. The colors opposite each other “complement” each other or in other words they have harmony with one another.


~Concept two, Balance: Even though it’s a scarf I thought it showed the concept of balance the best. Each side has equal weight with one another. The designer did a good job at making all the details symmetrical with one another on each side.



~ Concept three, Rhythm: Rhythm in design has to have a consistent repetition to produce a flow. The rug I found in my brother’s room perfectly illustrates the concept. In the middle of the rug has a pattern of these detailed ovals that have equal intervals between them.



~Concept four, Proportion: This is not my poster, it’s owned by my brother. But anyways, I thought this best represents proportion in design because you have a group of various figures together, that are of different scale and show depth in scenery and the overall layout of the poster.

Sorry for the glare
Sorry for the glare!




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