Gonzo the Great.










Ah yes, Gonzo. So important, yet so under appreciated. I think the Muppet’s and Sesame Street, among many other shows are a staple to most millennials childhood. This is probably why, doing this assignment (worth 3 and a half stars) sparked interest in me- I grew up with the Muppet’s.  I chose Gonzo because he is an oddity of the animal kingdom, no one knows exactly what he is or where he came from- yet he brings joy and happiness to everyone (or Muppet) he comes in contact with. Look at that face, don’t you just want to give him a hug?

I tried creating a GIF ( how do you pronounce that?!) in GIMP with an animation plug-in called GAP (Short for: Gimp Animation Package), but of course my never ending brawl with technology occurred once again. The program crashed and I had to restart my computer. So after about thirty minutes of tinkering around the program and having the program crash yet again, I decided to use something else. In the previous GIF assignment, I used a handy website called MakeAGif. So I pasted the link to the video of the multiple Gonzos dancing around and the website already puts the video on a loop from the beginning. If you are technologically challenged (like me), all you need to do is to pick a time place in the video and set how many seconds you want the GIF to loop and Congrats! You have yourself a GIF! The only other problem I had with this assignment was the video quality, I tried searching for the same video in a better quality but I couldn’t find any.

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