I am feeling a bit lyrical today

While, pictures can capture the attention, words can convey the message. That is the main take away I got from doing this assignment. For this assignment ( worth four stars), we were required to design a poster that illustrates a line from our favorite song. This was hard because I’m one of those people who likes every song known to man and my favorite song changes day to day! But, after eliminating many ideas for what song I should use, I finally came to choose Kacey Musgrave’s song Biscuits because it has strong and positive message.

I came into this assignment thinking this would be easy. Boy did I swallow my tongue soon afterwords. There is a lot more to making typography than just typing words. I found out that the placement of the lyrics, even what color they should be can either complement or ruin the poster. The process was one of the most tedious part of this class so far. I used Pixlr as suggested by this post. In Pixlr, I set up my desired size of the poster, then I decided to use the gradient tool provided to add some more color to the poster. The fun part came in where you can “snazz” up the poster by using different brushes and stamps. I went a little stamp crazy, but overall I think the background turned out really good! Finally, Pixlr also has a text box tool to type in the lyrics, pick a font, and where to place the lyrics on the poster.


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