Katy Kat

Yes, I am a fan girl. I am fan girl and proud. I loved this assignment (worth 3 stars), we were supposed to create a GIF of a video from our favorite artist. For those who don’t know who I chose, it was Katy Perry and her video- “Hot N Cold”. I’m going to be honest, I don’t think the video has a real consistent plot other than the fact a guy is running from his bride and multiple versions of herself (the song is still catchy though).

The main reason I like Katy Perry is simple- she’s herself. She’s unapologetic about what she wears, who she is, and the music she writes. She’s not portraying herself to be “sweet” or being something that people would like her to be and to me being genuine in a world that requires you not to be speaks more of who she is.

But enough of me fan-girling, the process into making this was simpler than what I originally thought. There’s this really helpful website called MakeAGif. The homepage of the website immediately asks you what type of media you are using to convert into a GIF, in my case I chose Youtube. Then, I was taken to a page which I had to paste the URL of the video I was using. After pasting the URL, the website put it on a continuous loop from the beginning and you type in the start time of when you want the loop of your GIF to start. It then gives you the option of how long you want the GIF to be, since I was a registered member I chose ten seconds but you can chose to have it shorter. Once the GIF is created, I hit share and you have the option to download the GIF.

This looks like a scene from a weird horror-musical movie.