Missing: Tina’s Friend Fiction

Assignment suspect


Tina Belcher: 13 year old student at Wagstaff and part time “Friend- Fiction” writer has suffered a traumatic event- her work has been stolen. Tina’s journals where all of her work is stored, was found to be missing last Friday evening.

5/22/15: Tina Belcher comes home to her upstairs residence at Bob’s Burgers restaurant and finds her journals missing.

5/22/15: At the scene, a ransom letter is found it states: “I have your journals, give me what I want.” No other evidence from the perpetrator is left at the scene of the crime.

5/23/15: Louise Belcher claims brother Gene Belcher was making fun of Tina’s writings and therefore he has motive for stealing them.

5/23/15: Gene recants by saying he was helping his father pick up some more restaurant supplies so therefore, he couldn’t possibly be there the day of the crime.

5/23/15: Tina claims to have frenemies but does not say who.

5/26/15: Tina finally confesses that she thinks Zeke is the one who took her journals and they are at Wagstaff.

5/27/15: Zeke was taken in for questioning but denied any interest in wanting to take Tina’s journals.

5/28/15: Belcher kids do a search at Wagstaff school for any evidence. None has been found.

5/30/15: Linda Belcher- mother of Louise, Tina, and Gene, complains her magazines have been ruined.

5/30/15: Lina also adds she saw Louise in Tina’s room last. But Louise denies this intermediately.

5/31/15: Louise confesses that she took Tina’s journals because Tina would not take her to the Pier to get her cotton candy.

Case closed. Cue Law and Order Music.



For this assignment- The Assignment is a Suspect (worth 3 stars), we had to take anything and turn it into a crime scene board. I took one of my favorite shows- Bob’s Burgers and turned it into a melodramtic-crime scene. How I got the final product was all thanks to Paint and Google. I looked up various pictures of things having to do with Bob’s Burgers and a cork board for a background. Then, I added text boxes with the information and inserted lines that would connect together.

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