Putting Disney into Focus

IMG_3836If there was an award (or participation badge) for being the biggest fan of Disney, I’d probably get it. As you can see, there’s a frying pan in the image above, for those of you who don’t know what movie that is from, it is from Tangled. But first, let me tell you the story of Rapunzel’s great-great-great (lots of greats), granddaughter and how she got this pan.


Tress sat among a room of relatives she didn’t even know she had. Today was a sad day to most her great-great-grandmother had just passed away. Tress didn’t know her that well, all she knew was she had some ties with royalty in her bloodline which Tress thought was neat. After the funeral, Tress, her immediate family, and extended family were asked to meet the deceased’s lawyer at his office.

Tress once again sat among yet another room with relatives she didn’t know. The lawyer came in with a huge list and this confused just about everyone in the room.

“Uh what’s that?” One middle-aged relative said.

The lawyer looked up.

“A will.” she said.

Of course everyone’s face in that moment lite up with the hopes of getting that beach house in Acapulco or the set of crystal silverware. The lawyer read off every single person’s name, even the children! Tress was surprised, everyone was getting something fancy like an estate, a rare book collection, and even her six year old cousin got a pair of diamond earrings!

“Man, that old lady must have been packed with money.” She thought.

When it came time for Tress’s family she got excited, the lawyer read off what her parents got- a piece of and in Italy…nice. Her brother got a boat…seems good.

“And Tress…” The lawyer read.

“This is the moment.” Tress thought.

“A frying pan.” The lawyer read.

“WHAT?” Tress yelled.

Everyone looked at her.

Tress just smiled.

“A frying pan…Lovely…what more can a girl want?” she said.

Tress eventually got that frying pan in the mail one day much to her disgust. When she opened the package a rusty and worn frying pan resided there. When she pulled out the frying pan, a letter fell out. Tress thought that was weird but reluctantly agreed to open it.

“Dear Tress,

You don’t know me and I don’t know you. But, at this point my health is sub-par, and I’m writing a will. Yes, I am well aware how greedy our large family can get when it comes to a sickly yet wealthy old lady. You probably are mad you got a frying pan while others got what seemed to be more. But, you are wrong. That object you have- the frying pan, it’s the most expensive item, it’s priceless. You see it belonged to a princess…ever heard of Rapunzel? Yes, that story is true, and this frying pan is hers. She was my great-great-great…I think you get the gist, she and I were related.  In fact she hit her husband- a bandit with it in the head for protection.

 Tress paused.

“This is bogus! Sounds like the plot to Tangled!” Tress complained.

“…oh and before you complain that I am ripping off the plot of Tangled, it’s based off her life, and I sold the rights to Disney a few years ago, where else do you think I got all this money? But, I’m giving this to you because you are a very special girl, and besides I don’t really trust anyone else in our family to look after it. If you still don’t believe me, look at the bottom of the pan and her royal symbol will be on it.



P.S.- If you ever find yourself in trouble, use this baby to protect yourself.

Tress closed the letter unable to really collect her thoughts on what she just read was actually true. She looked at the bottom of the pan and low and behold there was a symbol.

“This sounds to good to be tru-” Tress started saying before she got caught off by a noise downstairs.

Tress peeked her head around the corner and saw a tall figure rummaging through her mother’s jewelry box. Tress looked down at the pan in her hand.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” She whispered to herself.

Tress sneaked into her mother’s room and behind the burglar and lifted the pan.


The burglar was knocked out cold. Tress looked down at her pan.

“Hmm, the old lady was right, who needs a stupid beach house when I got this baby!” Tress said.


(I was trying to be creative and play on words so I named the main character Tress as in a tress of hair)

Anyways, doing this assignment was very fun! I had trouble looking for an object associated with Disney but after remembering Rapunzel had a frying pan, I found the subject of my assignment. I simply placed the pan on my counter and took a picture of it under the sunlight. Then, I went into PicStitch and uploaded the photo and used their focus feature to put emphasis on the frying pan. I figured a story might spice things up with this assignment and that is how the story of “Tress” and her great-great grandmother’s ancient frying pan was born.


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