The Seven Deadly Sins: Barbie Edition


This is the first assignment I had to do (Amount: 3 Stars), it required me to show one of America’s sweethearts (Barbie) acting out one of the seven deadly sins- I chose Gluttony. The main reason, I enjoyed embarking on this assignment was because Barbie is portrayed as “perfect” in every aspect of her life and this makes anyone (girls, boys, whomever) feel kind of inadequate as everyone is different and has unique things about them that makes who they are unique! Besides the woman has a new job each day (like doctor, model, astronaut, and babysitter), how many degrees does she have and how much tuition did she spend to get said degrees?! But, as I was saying doing this assignment was really fun, especially because you are putting Barbie in a bad light for once and showing, that yes even she can commit any one of the sins.

So as you can tell from the image above here we have Barbie lying among a variety of donuts and it seems to me she’s actually indulging in it a bit too much. Barbie has come to a breakthrough in which she has noticed how she may be sending the wrong message to impressionable children about what a person ought to look like. She decided the best way to put some extra meat on her was to eat whatever, whenever, I mean one of her 1000+ jobs is a personal trainer right? So staying in shape, she thought wouldn’t be an issue. At first, things flowed smoothly, but over time she got used to the savory taste of pastries, the satisfying crunch from chips, and the indulgence of mozzarella sticks. Barbie skipped working out to eat pizza (Honestly, I probably would too) and never gets the same joy or excitement she does when she ate celery. Just the other day, she hogged all the cake from her sisters and had eaten each bite to herself. She even ordered her sisters to get her donuts and keep feeding her more and more. Of course, her outlandish behavior caused a rift between her and her sisters. About a day ago Barbie noticed how much different her body looked- she gained weight.
She looked at herself and the mirror and said-

“Oh look at that I gained a few pounds, oh well it happens, looks are not everything.”

Then she accepted that she liked herself regardless of her body shape and decided that she was treating her sisters unfairly and extended an apology- of course, they accepted. Barbie just recently decided she wants to travel the world and preach about body positivity to everyone and stop being something she is not. Of course when the chance arises she can’t say no to a good piece of tiramisu.

That is the story of Barbie and Gluttony, despite it being her sin; it kind of helped her in the end. But, let me talk about the process of making this photo. Overall it was fairly easy, I happen to see a box of donuts lying on one of the counters in my kitchen. I placed Barbie inside the box and posed her with all of the donuts, the only part I messed up on was the lighting as the picture came out a bit blurry when I took it.

5 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins: Barbie Edition”

  1. Nice, you did the Barbie does the 7 Deadly Sins, brilliant choice. One of my favorite. what’s more, you narrate the piece brilliantly. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Doing the first assignment out of the gate like a ds106 blogging champ! This is brilliant in turning what is perceived as a sin into a positive, imagine Barbie reaching some sense of acceptance of her emotional self over the physical.

    I agree with Jim, you could have achieved the assignment by taking a photo and turning two objects into a piece of media, but adding, no augmenting with this narration puts it way over the top.

  3. This is awesome! I love how you talked about how Barbie is portrayed as “perfect” and how you made it so she is not completely perfect. As humans, I think we can all say we have probably been in her shoes before with gluttony or another “deadly sin”. Nobody is perfect, and your picture of Barbie is not so perfect, practically just like a human is great! I also love your explanation, quite comical and fun to look at! Nice!

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