Weekly Summary Numero Tres

This week’s assignments were tougher than I thought they would be, but I had a lot of fun using the applications and creating the audio. Audacity was a fairly simple and straight forward application I had to use, and the only problems I had this week were uploaded the final products for my audio assignments. The thing I enjoyed doing the most had to be making a song so much slower than what it had to because it felt like I was creating a new song all together, and listening to the radio show stories because I think without that I wouldn’t enjoy audio storytelling as much as I do now. As far as what I learned, I learned there is a lot more to audio than what people think they know. So much goes into making the final product. The thing I would do most differently this week, is the assignment where I had to make my theme song, I felt like I needed to learn more about how to make a song with a beat that has a flow because in the end I felt like my product was just mashed up together and I was not really satisfied with the final product.  As far as any cultural or societal impacts, I definitely did notice when I was listening to other people’s versions of making a a song 800% slower, it really goes to show with enough work any song whether it’s a pop anthem, fantasy theme show, or country song could be turned into an epic or “ethereal” piece.

1.) Reflection on Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad videos

2.) Summary/ Commentary of Radio stories

3.) Assignments

Making a theme slower (3 stars)

Make your own theme song (4 stars)

4.) Daily Creates

6/1/15: Art Generator

6/3/15: Wordplay

6/4/15:Make Art out of a circle

6/6/15: Brides throwing cats

5.) Summary about comments and other people’s blog

6.) Paragraph on what I learned this week, questions, and final assignment ideas/ tutorials submission

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