What’s in this gal’s bag?! The World’s biggest mystery revealed!

IMG_3834 (2)

Actually it’s not a big mystery (But how cool would it be if it was?!)

For this assignment (3 stars worth), I’m showing a look into my little, old bag! I wonder if you can tell a lot about a person by the items you find in their purse, backpack, or satchel? Maybe!

My purse is a bright blue color, and it’s a bit small compared to the other massive purses I see. Surprisingly enough, the purse while small it may be, is a wonder of science because the amount of stuff I kept in there over the past year without my poor bag breaking is really something that should be under research ( anyone need a Ph.D research project?!). Of course, every handbag has a best pal- and that’s a wallet. My wallet is no shocker, it has the typical things you find in the majority of the Earth’s population- money, IDs of various kinds, a debit card, and that thing SpongeBob never got- a license. I also found a receipt to a Chinese restaurant, but I figured that wouldn’t help at all in the process of describing the contents of my purse.

Then there’s my journal, I carry it around and scribble little doodles in it when find myself bored. In addition, the pages of the journal has various thoughts I culminate throughout a day. With every great journal comes pens- I have a bunch of them. Then, there’s a clear bag which contains a ton of clips, hair ties, and bobby pins to tame that lion’s mane I call my hair. Speaking of beauty products, I also carry lipgloss of any color (usually red or pink).

For a more practical use, I carry around headache medicine just in case! Also, there is a bleach pen because goodness knows the amount of stuff I could get on my clothes. Then we have my sunglasses and hand sanitizer (It’s in a sleeve covered by a smiling pineapple). Finally, we have my cell phone for communication reasons and the keys to my car.

To do this assignment, all I had to do was take a picture of the items in my purse, which was fairly simple. The hardest thing I did find about the assignment, however, was trying to fit all of my stuff into the photo so the lens can capture it onto the film.

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