Procrastination Nation (Daily Create- 6/3/15)

I always put things off; I consider it my biggest sin and most holy virtue. I made up in my mind that today would be the day I would finish my paper for my Animal Behavior course. The topic? Bees. Yes, I had to talk about those little fuzzy, annoying, and surprisingly helpful things that make honey. Let’s see I am on paragraph…one, okay not far along. But how am I supposed to write five whole pages on “Colony Collapse Disorder- the Bee’s plague”? It’s not the most thrilling topic of any conversation “Oh yes it’s an unknown disorder which makes honeybees die by the bunch and it could affect our economy.” I looked at the lonely paragraph on my screen and decided just maybe one more little break wouldn’t hurt anymore. Certainly not any honeybees. I looked at my phone which is attached at the hip, one new message, ugh- it’s nothing just from my sister who seemed to send me fifteen text messages full of flower emoji’s gushing how “great” her boyfriend is- okay that’s enough messaging for me. How about the world’s biggest time waster? Facebook.  I logged in, no surprise here- summer trips, pictures of family, and weird like page suggestions. Woah, my brother actually posted something- “WTF?! Check this video out!” with words like that he must charm the pants off girls. I clicked the link to the video- oh it’s a cat playing a piano. It’s kind of cute. Alright, time to log out of Facebook. What’s on Reddit? Let me check. Hmmm…I scrolled through the page, NSFW pics…no, thank you.  There’s nothing. On the side bar I saw “15 Biggest celebrity Photobombs- the Funny Faces of the A-listers!” okay that looks good no matter how stupid it is, I got a bad case of click bait. Below that link was an article “Get rid of 60 pounds in two days” , well considering I’d have to cut off my arms and legs for that to happen and the picture is badly Photoshopped, I think on pass and not fall victim to click fraud. I looked through the photo bomb list, it was alright, not as good as I expected. Oh well. Where else to look? How about CNN? Let me do that. Nope, there’s nothing on here I want to read. Articles among articles on politics, the economy, and net neutrality. I should stop stalling; I need to finish this paper. Okay, time to write the best paper of my life.

Before I could type one word, I heard my mother call from downstairs.

“Dinner is ready! I made chilaquiles!” She yelled upstairs.

“Sorry mom, I have to finish something,” I yelled back down.

“I also made coffee and crema!” She yelled back up.

I looked back at the screen. Work or food?

“After dinner, I swear I will finish this paper.” I said.


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