How it’s Made: Final Project and Final Part

To make both the GIFs in my final project I used Imgur’s VidGif creator. I am just going to use a random video to show how I did this.

I first went to YouTube to find videos that fit the theme for my story. In this case, I will use a corgi to show how it’s done (because who doesn’t like corgis?!). I then went to the Imgur VidGif creator and pasted the URL into the line.


The video then processed for a bit, and I was redirected back to a page where the video would play on loop at a specific part. At the bottom of the video, there is a toggle, I dragged the toggle to a point where I could make the GIFs.




Then, I hit the button at the bottom, and waited for my GIFs to process.

And ta-da!

Me trying to swim.

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