How it’s Made: Final Project Tutorial Four

For the video portion, I used two programs that never fail to pull through for me – Powerpoint and Windows Live Movie Maker.

I made a slideshow full of information about the character, along with personalizing it with pictures, and background elements.



I saved the powerpoint file as a .JPG to be able to edit it in the movie editor. This is where the Movie Editing part comes into play.

After uploading the slideshow into the movie editor- it broke it down slide by slide.



I went to each frame to add animation, change the slide time, and add any more effects to the video. All of which are located in the Video Tools tab on the top. After I had the right pace of the main frames, I proceeded to add a few more frames for the credits. The final thing I did was add an upbeat tune with the “Add Music” tab which is the blue music note located at the top of the page.

Finally, I uploaded it to YouTube!


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