How it’s Made: Final Project Tutorial One

Hello! I decided to break up how I was able to create some of the media with my final project character into separate posts. This will allow me not to make a super long final project post and help organize it better.

So this is the tutorial for how I did a “design” assignment for my final project. This is where I made Catalina (my character).

How I did this was pretty straight forward, I first set out to find my inspiration on how I wanted my character to look. I found a multitude of pictures on sites like Pinterest  , Tumblr,   and this Youtube video to help me piece together a look for my character. I finally sketched her up on regular sketch paper.

Some visual tools I referenced when I was sketching her were a Howcast video and the immensely helpful website- IDrawFashion.

I then drew her up and colored her in. I used the scanner to upload the picture into my files and I selected it to put it in my final post.

Hope that helped!!


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