How it’s Made: Final Project Tutorial Three

This is the tutorial for how I made the audio story of when Catalina first arrives in Los Angelos.

The tool I used to piece together all the tracks was Audacity.

To get all the sound effects to tell my story, I went to The download part does require sign up.

Once all of the sounds I wanted were downloaded to the desktop, I used “Import” on Audacity to load the files (in the order I wanted) onto the program.

Go under File> Import> Audio to transfer the files.

The hard part came in, trying to layer, trim, and time every sound to weave the story together.

Multiple files all started at the same time, so to make a smooth transition I used the time shift tool located at the top to move each sound to where I wanted it to be in the story progression. Then, I used the selection to highlight areas and trim the sound out.

Then, I played it over a few times, and moved around the sounds until I got the audio story I wanted.


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