Life of a Living Skeleton

How could five whole weeks fly by so fast?! Well, here it is my final project!

Where do I begin…? Inspiration perhaps? Okay.

Me trying to be deep…and failing.







Anyways, the inspiration for this big, final project stems from an animated movie- The Book Of Life and my own family! Without, spoiling too much of the movie ( for those who have yet to see it), it has a “Dias de Los Muertos” theme to it, and the animation is simply stunning (yes, even for a kid’s film). As for my family, I am part Mexican so seeing bright images of sugar skulls and bright colors laying around my house are nothing new. I then decided, well why not try to make a character inspired by all of this?

And I did just that.

Check it out if you have some time!
The actual candy, sugar skull.

I can’t forget the main character that is central to all of this- her name is Catalina.


Ahh, where do I begin with Catalina? Three words, five syllables, and overused in every story…

Once upon a time,

In the warm California climate, there lived a girl- of course, she wasn’t just any girl. She was a catrina– a sugar skull, a skeleton, that thing you see hanging in the Anatomy classroom (you get the jist). Her name was Catalina. Catalina lived with her family in San Ysidro, California. From day one, Catalina had always been well…unique. It’s not every day you see a living skeleton family operate just like anyone else. Catalina was a gregarious young one- despite the fact she was always teased for being different. Catalina used to hate how she looked and hated who she was. Why was she being picked on? She was nice, she was a good person, why her?

Catalina took a close look at herself in the mirror.

“Being different isn’t so bad…at least I’m brave enough to be myself. Despite the fact, I get mistaken for equipment in the health room. I like me.” Catalina said.

Catalina turned her heel the other way and never gave the satisfaction to the naysayers. In the end, their words don’t matter, her happiness does. Catalina grew up into a stronger and more positive version of who she already was.  Over the years, her family had a knack for throwing huge parties and gatherings and Catalina would be the first to organize it from the first moment all the way to the last. She lived and breathed for planning events. That was when she decided she wanted to do it for the rest of her life.

“Do you think I could do it?” She asked.

“Well, why not? You are already so great at it, go for it.” Her mother said.

Catalina knew she wanted it, but the question was how would she get it?

Lightbulb moment.

“I’ll go to L.A., there’s bound to be at least one place to start!”

Her parents looked at her in shock.

“Are you sure about L.A.?” Catalina’s dad asked.

“Yes, why do you say that?” She retorted.

“Catalina, they know you here, in Los Angeles…imagine them seeing well a skeleton walking around.” He replied.

“Me? I’m the most normal thing they have going for them up there! They don’t call it HollyWEIRD for nothing!” She said.

Her parents obliged knowing no matter what they say she was going to Los Angeles, but being parents no matter how bad your kid screws up, accomplishes, or whatever- they still supported her and loved her no questions asked.

Catalina soon found an apartment near the hub of it all in the city and packed her bags, took her kitten- Lola and drove her Volkswagen van up to the City of Angels.

(Below is a list of road trip tunes Catalina and Lola listened to on their way to LA)

Catalina finally arrived in the city, and amidst getting a few questionable looks she proceeded to unpack her things and settle in. She was going on a job quest tommorrow…all she wanted to do was unwind and take in what the city has to offer. She wasn’t sure nor did she worry about what things were to come into her life soon.

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She walked over to her window and looked at the skyline.

“I think I like who I’m becoming.” Catalina said.

The End. (Or maybe beginning for her?)


I wonder how Catalina feels about all of this ( I am a Third Person narrator after all, therefore in my legal contract with my job, I can’t really speak for Catalina). But, lucky for everyone else, I did find her Vlog post!

[ To see how this video was put together click here for more information ]

I’m rooting for her ( All 206 bones and what not!).

I think this calls for a dance celebration with her younger siblings- Sofia and Ruben.

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Links to how I did all the assignments for the Final Project are down below



Audio Track




I had a lot of fun these past five weeks and I have gained a lot from all the assignments I had done. Now I’m only semi-horrible with technology. Have a great summer!!!


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  1. Very, Very impressive and way, way cool. Nice touch at the end with the quincy look alike. I also like sugar skulls and Dia de Los Muertos. Nice drawing. Thanks for sharing Now I have to save it.

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