Learning is a Continuous Process

I’ve said a numerous amount of times in my posts how much I was not thrilled in approaching this week’s work. I am not an “auditory” person. But, quite a few things over the week has shifted my opinion on audio storytelling quite a bit. First, by listening to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad, two professionals in the field talk about how much work they put into storytelling and their love for what they do made me gain so much respect for what they do. Then, actually listening to the stories they create and how real it sounded, it made me feel like I was there and it was easy to imagine the scenarios. Finally, when I actually was put in the position on being a person to create auditory stories, I got somewhat and understanding how hard it is to produce sad product with an application.

Assignment Ideas:

These are possible assignment ideas, are they too simple?

Design: Design your own Pokemon

Design: Create your own cereal box cover

As far as writing a tutorial for assignments, I plan on doing:

Design: Typography

Audio: Make a song 800 times slower

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