How it’s Made: Final Project Part Five

In another “design” portion of my final assignment, I decided to make a postcard with Pixlr.

1.) I opened the Photo Editor, and I had a few select images I wanted to use for my postcard that represented both the character and the story.



2.) On the bar located at the top I then selected File> New Image, to create a background to drag in the layers I wanted to work with.

3.) With this new image, I dragged the skyline layer into the new image layer.

Looks a bit awkward I know, but it should look something like this.
Looks a bit awkward I know, but it should look something like this.

3.) On the Navigator box (located to the right) there is a selection button that is called “Layer Styles”. I clicked that and a box showed up. When the box showed up I checked the “Inner Glow” option to give my postcard a border.



4.) I then added in the palm tree photo to the background by dragging it in the white part of the New Image photo.

The background image is supposed to look like this. Make sure it comes before the background layer on the Navigator Box located on the right where it shows all of the layers you have used.

5.) Finally, to add details such as the turn and the text I used the tool box located at the left of the page.

a.) To rotate the postcard layer: I went to Edit> Free Transform. A blue dotted box will appear and at the corner the option to rotate the postcard is available.

A box like this will appear.

b.) To add text: On the toolbar there is a capital “A”. Click that and on anywhere in the postcard I typed a postcard punchline.

That’s what the tool looks like for later reference.


6.) I saved it and that’s how I got my post card!



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