I Looked, I Listened, and I Analyzed.

To be an amateur movie analyzer (is that even a thing?) I observed a scene from the movie- Gladiator.

Let me split it up into the parts I observed.

Part Uno: The Visual Aspect-

Focusing on just the shots alone, I could tell that the scene was going to be dramatic and intense. I first saw soldiers marching on to somewhere in a distance.n The scene cuts to the face of a worried woman and back to a scene where all guards are standing looking stone cold in the face. As the tension builds up the scene cuts to the presumably leader figure and an extreme close up of the men’s face as they are about to die. This happens more often as the scene comes to a close to show the viewer the fate will sealed.

Part Dos: The Audio Aspect-

Just by listening to the score an ominous and serious tone is set from the get go and this told me that uh-oh someone is going to be in serious trouble. The score heightens up to the point where the men are executed. After they are executed complete silence is then heard to show the overall mood of the scene.

Part Tres: Put it all together-

As I can say, this is not a happy scene. Just by watching both aspects I was on edge and I felt like I was there with the people because of the may cut shots of their emotions and extreme close up zoom ins.


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