My thoughts on Visual Storytelling

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This overused quote rings true when it comes to how one could describe the importance of visual storytelling. When one looks at a picture many thoughts and ideas come over there mind. They wonder what the person is feeling, the history/ background of the picture, and the how the picture makes us feel. Pictures and visual images also can give people information about a subject just as much as a book can. as In the case of digital storytelling visual storytelling gives individuals a chance to utilize their creativity and interpret a story from images they made or images they found.

Personally, in my own experience I found that looking at pictures and images of things makes it easier for someone to relate or feel a connection with it- even if the photo is abstract. I’ll admit at first, I never appreciated the visual aspect of conveying a message. But throughout this first week I definitely saw another side to it. Doing the daily-creates and assignments opened my eyes to how creative and flexible one can be with just an image of a simple object! While doing these various assignments, I also learned valuable techniques which enabled the ways to make my photos look a little better than your average selfie.

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