Now you can be a Pokemon


Now that you heard the theme song, you are now prepped. This assignment is fairly simple. All you need is Imagination.

And of course, some colored pencils, paper, or go with Photoshop! This assignment requires you to create your own Pokemon.

002 (1)
They are “Light” and “Dark” types, the one on the left I named “Lunnite” and the one on the right is named “Sunlite”. You guessed it they are based on the Sun and Moon.


The hardest part of this assignment is finding inspiration. What I did was, I went to Google and binge searched a bunch of Pokemon characters. Then, I remixed it with using my dogs as another source of inspiration and making them into super strong “pocket monsters”. I drew them up and then later I went into Pixlr to add some more sparkle to them with the brush.

Have fun!!

Also… to add to this there is a similar assignment in the Assignment Bank where you could create your own Pokemon card! So if you find yourself in the mood, create a card for you new Pokemon creature!

Here’s one site I recommend:

All you have to do is input the information you want, fill in a description, add a picture of your creature, and there you go!!

But there’s definitely other ways to create more cards, feel free to explore.


Assignment worth: 2 stars.



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