I am no Annie Leibowitz, nor a Dorthea Lange. I’m an amateur. But we all got to start somewhere right? Of course, I and many others don’t have the resources or equipment to take “professional” pictures you see in the ads on Times Square. But that doesn’t stop me from taking plenty of photos of things I feel like ought to be captured and even shared with the world. I don’t have a specific subject because there’s a lot of things worth taking a picture of. If there is a feeling I want people to see in my photos is to feel happy, I like to emphasize a lot of light and color in the photos I take. While, some of my assignments such as the “Seven Deadly Sins with Barbie” and “The Disney object” focused had a specific composition to them, most of the time I personally feel it’s better to capture people’s emotions in the moment or various objects to give a more relate-able and natural feel to the viewers.

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