Reflection on Photo Safari

I was a bit unoriginal with the location I chose for the Photo Safari- Home Sweet Home. I figured home would be the best place because I happen to have a lot of junk (or what my father fondly calls “oddities”). I’ll admit I love the concept of the assignment, being able to utilize the things and objects around us, and capture them in a photo. But unfortunately, my obsession with using the things I found was my biggest downfall and this is where it conflicted with the time limit.

I checked my timer on my phone and realized I had only about five minutes left to look for any other things that could be captured and used in the safari. At this point I was alarmed and I started scrambling all over the house, running up and down the stairs, taking things out of place, and confusing my parents on why their daughter was running all over the house looking for simple objects.

At the end of it, I was satisfied with how the majority of the photos turned out- mainly since it was during the peak of the day, and the lighting was very good in many of the rooms. But if I had the chance to pull a “Back to the Future” and hitch a ride on a Delorean, I’d probably tell myself to be less worried with the things I find and be more focused on the time limit.

Out of the pictures in my gallery, I got to say my personal favorites would be the one where the objects had to be made to look like they were living, because I felt like a cute story could be made out of it by anyone. The other favorite of mine, being the photo where you had to capture one color as a subject, I just loved the way the blue turned out- it’s so vibrant!

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