Reflection on the visual media material

Over the week, our class has learned about not only how to tinker with our blog but about using visuals of any kind- such as mobile photos or drawn photos as a medium to use in media. While, in one of my previous posts I am not a celebrated world photographer, this week has been an a learning and teaching experience to me, having picked up a little on photography skills.

One of the main home run points that I forget to acknowledge with taking photographs is the story of it. What you want to convey to an audience and how you think they would interpret or feel about it.

When it came to learning about photography, film, and how to capture images- there’s a lot more to it than snapping just a quick photo like many young adults are so used to. For example, in black noir lighting is key in scenes to tell the viewer the story and the aesthetic can set the mood for people. To tell a story through a picture one needs to start thinking more about even the little things that you may not think affect the photo such as composition and placement of items to the background.

One of the final rules, that I took away from reading over the articles is that each person has their own way of telling the world of how they view things, not everyone is going to be the same.

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