Setting up Camp (In other words, setting up my domain and social media sites)

Technology and I- we don’t get along, yes it seems with the slightest touch of my finger to any sort of technology- a computer to even something as simple as a calculator, something goes berzerk! So I proceeded with extreme caution and attention to detail when I was setting up everything to make sure nothing went wrong.  Luckily, setting up my blog and finding a unique name for this blog was fairly easy.

In terms of setting up social media, no problems arose with Twitter or Soundcloud, and Flickr they were pretty straight forward with signing up, and utilizing the accounts. The only problem I ran into with a social media had to do with my Gravatar. I didn’t know if I had to somehow link it to my blog or it automatically link itself to my blog, so i ran around in circles of confusion. Eventually I figured Gravatar out and all is good!

The only other run-ins I had were with how to use, and tinker around with my blog. Over the week, I definitely learned a lot from doing things on my own and with the assistance of the (among millions of others) WordPress “How-to” videos. So far, I’ve got the hang of everything and my relationship with technology as of right now seems to be civil.

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