Tutorial for Lyric Typography

For the Assignment-Lyric Typography Poster (worth four stars).

I used Pixlr it is just as good as Photoshop (almost it’s twin), but it’s a lot more easier to navigate around.

1.) Pick Create New Image and it will ask you the dimensions (height/ width) and go crazy! I would choose around 500×800 just because the file may be too large to insert into a post.


2.) After that has been done, there is a tool bar on the side that has a paint bucket and a brush. These will be your best friends with this project.

Variety of tools and their own functions.


3.) With the tools pick the paint bucket icon and a color wheel will show up, choose any desired color. I know for mine I did a coral sort of color to match the mood of the song.  In addition there’s a gradient tool to give your poster an ombre sort of look.

4.) Once you got your background down, there’s also the option of using the blur, paint brush, smudge, burn effects to give your poster more Pizazz.

This is the selection for the paintbrush where you can add many shapes to your poster.

4.) Now, to add text there in the tool bar you’ll see a random “A” this is where a text box shows up and you type in the desired lyrics and you have the option to change the font and place it anywhere on your poster.


This is what mine turned out to look like in the end-

Trust me, it doesn’t have to look like this at all! Go Crazy, Have fun!!

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