Weekly Sumary Numero Cuatro

When I completed this week’s assignments I was a little relieved- I had never worked a movie program in my life. Though my final products didn’t turn out to be an Oscar winning film, I am glad that I got some basics out of how to use movie/ video editors. The thing that gave me the most trouble surprisingly was the final phase of each assignment and it was to upload the file to Vimeo- it wouldn’t take my file at first and I was so confused as to why, and I figured it was because I saved it wrong the entire time. The thing I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to read about Roger Ebert’s thoughts on picking apart movie scenes. I have never been one to analyze movies but it does give me a little more enlightening tips on there’s more to the story than just the story itself and that can be portrayed in little details such as lighting and character placement. That is one of the things I took away most this week. The other thing was to use basic tools in Movie editors such as transitions or when to add music if needed. The thing I would do differently is the use actual live footage from Friends than pictures of the cast for one of my assignments to go with the opening of how the tv series did it. I would also have added more characters to my Where are they now assignments.


Look, Listen, and Analyze

Where are they now assignment worth four stars


Assignment Bank Creation

Opening Credits Redux worth four stars

Roger Ebert reflection

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