Weekly Summary Numero Dos

Coming into this week, I was feeling a little more confident in my ability to navigate and administrate my webpage. This week’s assignments, were interesting because it was an area I was interested in- the design aspect so learning and tinkering with some of the tools gave me a small taste of what it was like. Completing the assignments I definitely felt like I learned how to do things I would have never been able to do before, but I did have troubles. My main trouble went into the GIF part, GIMP and I are enemies for now…but I am figuring it out and we are trying to come to an understanding. But, the GIF-making assignments were probably my favorite, despite the errors I faced! There were many things I took away from this week- I learned the basics ( still am) of the GIMP program, I just started using Photoshop again and refreshed my skills on that, and Vignelli’s idea that graphic design is more than just making a symbol, and that is something that I definitely don’t think people appreciate. If there was one thing I had to do differently this week, it would be tinkering with the GIMP program earlier because maybe then I’d be a master at it now (okay maybe a novice).  As for any cultural/societal implications that can be found in my work- I think the big one is the assignment “Cartoon You” I made myself a superhero mainly because I feel like there’s not enough female superheroes you see. Of course we have Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Storm but that’s a small percentage and even most of the female characters we see they are always put in that archetype of being the damsel in distress. I think girls can save the world just as much as boys can!

Weekly Work:


1.) DS106 Fashionista 3 Stars
2.) Four Icons, One Story 2 Stars
3.) The Assignment is a Suspect! 3 Stars
4.) Cartoon You 3 and a half stars
5.) Lyric Typography 4 stars

GIF Assignments-

1.) Favorite Musician GIF 3 stars
2.) Muppets GIF 3 stars

Daily Creates-

1.) Daily Create- 5/25/15
2.) Daily Create- 5/28/15
3.) Daily Create- 5/30/15
4.) Daily Create- 5/31/15

Vignelli Reflection

Design Blitz

But seriously, how is GIF announced?

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