Weekly Summary Numero Uno

Time to end week one with a weekly summary!

Completing this week’s assignments was a huge learning process, and it’s only been one week so far. Nut, so far I have enjoyed many of the things I have done for the class and I can’t wait to see what else is coming up next. I did run into to a few bumps in the road when I had to find my way around the blog and how to embed or edit different things. But after many, many mistakes I got the hang of it. Out of everything this week, my favorite thing this week so far has been doing the assignments. Even though it was school work I liked how all the assignments really gave me the freedom to make a story and express myself the way I wanted to. The main take away thing I learned this week was what story you want to tell in visual images, and on the more advanced side of things- embedding a video, and organizing my blog. If I had to do anything differently I would first and foremost get started on the assignments earlier, but also spent more time on the placement of some of my objects in my visual assignments. Even though, I am not proud of how the picture looked, I really wanted to convey a societal message with my Barbie work because in we live in the world where looks are everything, and people are put down because they are not big enough or skinny enough and simply no one can be perfect. I wanted to show that a well-known fictional figure known for her beauty can have flaws too.

Below is the list of things required for the weekly summary:

1.) Multi-media Introductions
2.) Commentary on setting up social media/blog
3.) Commentary on customizing my blog
4.) Reflection on visual media material
5.) Photo Safari
6.) Photoreflection
7.) Photo Safari Reflection

8.) Daily Creates:
Daily Create tdc1228
Daily Create ( Summarize a film you never seen)
Daily Create tdc1232

9.) Spubble and Visual Assignments
Color Splash
Barbie’s Seven Deadly Sins
What’s in my bag?
Putting Disney into Focus

10.) Reflection on visual storytelling

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