Where Are they???

So I did the “Where are they now?” (worth four stars) assignment. I used, of course, my favorite show Bob’s Burgers mainly because they are still kids and it’s just easier to build off of what might possibly happen to all of them in the future. I used Powerpoint and Windows Live Movie maker yet again.

Awhhh the lovely Belcher family…what happened?

To start, I used a high school (and college students) best pal- Powerpoint. I simply pasted the pictures into the-the powerpoint. Then, I changed the background because while Powerpoint is not the most eye catching when it comes to all the effects the video does deserve some sort of “pop” (is that the right term for it?).  I then went to the Insert tab and added a text box to explain the ultimate fate of all the main characters. After I snazzed up my powerpoint descriptions, I saved the file as a JPG or JPEG. Then I uploaded it onto Windows Live.

I just got this from somewhere as a reference for what the frames should look like. I do not know this guy…but he seems nice.

Then I got a frame by frame that looked like this but a lot shorter. I played over the slides to see if the transition was smooth enough or had enugh time to explain the characters. The only problem I had while encountering this, is uploading it, I don’t know what Vimeo has against me.

Final Product: https://vimeo.com/130715582

How I feel when Vimeo craps out on me. Enjoy!!


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