Color Splash Time


Splish Splash I was taking a bath! (Don’t get the song reference? Me either, my grandma used to sing me that song to me all the time)

For this visual assignment (worth 3 stars), I was to take a picture of anything and isolate one object in the picture with a “splash” of color. In my case, I used a peony that happened to be in full bloom!
Flowers have been probably one of the most consistent things that have stayed in my life thus so far. When I was little, I used to spend all the time outdoors so you can imagine the vast amounts of flowers I have seen (especially since besides collecting gnomes, my mother has a knack for gardening). As a young girl and even today as a young adult, I always find myself in awe over the many colors, sizes, and shapes of flowers. They always brought me happiness. As I grow, things change- people come and go, the world around us becomes more modernized, and even down to what I wear is in a constant state of metamorphosis. Flowers as mushy they can be have been one of the only things that have stayed and it gives me a weird, little reminder each day that even the simplest things can give you the slightest bit of happiness. When I feel like I’m living in a world of black and white, flowers are my splash of color. I know that as I grow (and change) even more and well after I am gone (as morbid as that sounds), these little treasures found all over the world can bring anyone the happiness they need.

Now, as much as I could go on and gush about these wonders of nature, I need to further explain the process of how I made this image the way it looks. As I said before, my lovely mother loves to garden, so I went on a mini adventure in my backyard to find any flower(s) that I could use. I found many, in fact, I took 50+ pictures of flowers and then realized that probably is a bit overdone and I spent a good amount of time trying to choose one. After choosing “the one” (sounds like I’m on the Bachelor), I uploaded the picture I took on a very useful phone app called PicStitch. PicStitch is great in which, that the app itself had a color splash tool, among many other things. So after uploading the photo onto it and activating the color splash, I had to maneuver my finger around the flower bud to capture its color. This is where the hard part came in; I constantly had to start over because I colored in too much. After about fifteen minutes, I used a stylus (I highly recommend it!) to finally get what I needed to be colored in.

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